Wheel Monitor is always working to improve our product line to provide enhanced customer service. For example, the Reverse-A-Matic™ RM-50, which includes reverse radar detection and trailer warning lights to produce a stand-alone reverse radar system (available for immediate delivery). Developers are working on new functions that will be added to this stand-alone product for its re-release as the new RM-60 and RM-70 modules.

Wheel Monitor has designed an outstanding system (EWS 3000) for electronic trailer tracking at the absolute lowest cost possible. Even the location of a company's equipment can be automatically updated into the computer database for assets management and scheduling purposes.




Air Tank Monitoring has become a serious concern with legislators and so it should! Trailer braking systems cannot function if the reserve air pressure is low, and ABS brake systems depends on air pressure as well. While the ABS system will still function to prevent wheel lockup, low air pressure will prevent the brakes from activating. Wheel Monitor has the necessary equipment to monitor the air tank pressure and alert the driver if dangerously low levels are reached (Air Pressure Monitor).


Wheel Monitor recently began a project to meet new regulatory requirements in the snowplow and salting sector. Legislative developments in this crucial area of government services threaten to render much of the current equipment out-of-date. The costs involved in acquiring brand new equipment to meet government requirements may put many contractors out of business. Wheel Monitor is hoping to bridge the gap by developing a low cost retro fit package with GPS data and complete tracking capabilities which will allow many current operators to continue to provide their services without a large costly investment.

Wheel Monitor was formed in 1997 when John Mantini decided that he couldn't bear to hear of another fatal accident caused by the detachment of a transport truck wheel - a phenomenon that then, could occur without warning.

Mr. Mantini knew something had to be done to prevent further accidents. Joining forces with Ken Adams and Sam Chia, he founded Wheel Monitor Inc. Their goal was to become the recognized leader in North America for state-of-the-art technology and systems for two-way data communication. They agreed their products would promote safety and dramatically increase productivity in the truck and trailer industry. Wheel Monitor Inc. is dedicated to putting an end to tragic accidents that result from preventable problems such as wheel separations.

The early years of Wheel Monitor Inc. were spent in conducting research within the trucking industry. This careful investigation revealed that there was not only a very large and receptive market for the kind of systems envisioned by Wheel Monitor's engineers, but also a range of other needs within the industry. At first, Wheel Monitor expected that the major areas for examination would include abnormal knocking or vibrations, extreme bearing and brake pad temperatures and abnormal noises; however, in-depth research pointed to many other areas of concern for control and monitoring that would become a impetus for the development of Wheel Monitor's many products.

Wheel Monitor Inc. spent much time during 1998 researching and developing a unique communication system between the truck and trailer. Many other players within the industry had designed similar, but incompatible, communication systems for their own use. In an effort to rationalize the product development systems, an industry consortium was formed to design a standard communication system to be used by all members of the industry.

The consortium employed Intellon to design the new communication chip, called PLC4Trucks. In 1999, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) endorsed the decision of the consortium and named the J2497 communication system (PLC4Trucks) the industry standard.
In response, the engineers at Wheel Monitor abandoned their project and adopted the new PLC4Trucks standard. Unfortunately, the implementation of this system was far from simple, and it created serious challenges for the engineering team. Existing industry protocol was inadequate and lagged far behind Wheel Monitor's technological developments. Much effort and energy was invested by Wheel Monitor in integrating and developing the new protocol necessary to complete its designs and products.

Wheel Monitor is represented at a number of trade associations and policy development forums including: The Maintenance Council of America (T.M.C), the Canadian Council of Motor Truck Administrators (C.C.M.T.A), the Ontario Trucking Association (O.T.A) and Intelligent Transportation Systems Canada (I.T.S Canada).

Through extensive research and remarkable engineering design, Wheel Monitor has built an excellent basis for its business. Several popular products are currently on the market, others are ready for commercialization, and the fundamental features for several major projects have been developed and tested. With the head start that its technological expertise gives, Wheel Monitor is recognized as a leader in truck and trailer safety research and development.






Wheel Monitor understands the importance of staying on the cutting edge of the technology industry. Since its beginnings in 1997, Wheel Monitor has invested several million dollars in researching and developing its patented technologies. Currently, Wheel Monitor is marketing the Reverse-A-Matic™. Another popular product, the EWS 2000 has also undergone a rejuvenation and has been transformed into the EWS 3000, which includes more options for a better price.


The newest design of our landmark concept (EWS 3000) uses the latest technology to permit easy installation of sensors and controls and newly added functions provide serial communication ports for interconnection of tractor and trailer equipment. The system can be custom scaled to meet specific customer requirements or monitoring needs.


Wheel Monitor believes in listening to its customers. For example, the Satt-Comm 4400 was developed in response to the specific requests of a Central American customer who asked us for a system that would provide seamless communications and control for their customer trailers. Working directly with current satellite controlled equipment on the tractor, the Satt-Comm 4400 provides both the driver and the home office with complete truck management information and control for the entire vehicle. The unit is software controllable for all functions including its new easy connect sensor network and transparent trailer-to-cab serial communications.



Wheel Monitor is dedicated to developing and marketing the world's most technically advanced wheel-monitoring and communication systems for class 7 & 8 trailers. Not limiting itself to the trucking industry, Wheel Monitor continues to research and develop to ensure continued customer satisfaction.


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