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Wiring Diagrams

B150 System Wiring Diagram


Pneumatic Diagrams

B150 Control Box Specifactions

B150 Control Box Pneumatics Diagram

B150 MAC Control Box Pneumatics Diagram


• Lifts and lowers axle automatically based on axle load weight
• Built-in axle load monitoring sensor
• Knows the number of axles to lift
• Indicator for loader nearing max load
• RS232/USB interface for computer set up
• Trailer axle load interface



The Balancer™ is an electronic liftable axle control for lifting axles when not in use. It monitors the axle load weight and lifts automatically when the trailer is empty.

It monitors how many axle are lifted and can control the lifting and lower points correctly. Easy computer setup can make the Balancer very easy to install.


- The Balancer B150 Control Module must be calibrated before the first use. This means that the lift and lower points must be configured on the control module beofre the system will function.

- The Communication Software required must be requested by contacting your Wheel Monitor Distributor.

The Balancer B150