• All of our functions are SPIF Compliant. Great for schedule 21 and 23 trucks.
• Easy computer set up and calibration
• Internal temperature sensor and heater system to prevent freezing.
• Eliminates the driver stopping the vehicle to manually lower/ lift the axle to be compliant with the
conditions of the operating permit.
• Low cost system Kit with enclosure and Pneumatics built in for maximum savings
• Reduce wear & tear on tires & axles




Ontario- Effecting trucks, truck-trailer combinations, and some specialty combinations. Such vehicles manufactured after June 2011 must be built to SPIF standards as contained in the regulation or operate at significantly reduced weights.

• Automatically lifts and lowers axle according to weight
• Lifts the vehicle self steer auxiliary lift axle when reversing.
• Locks the self steer axle above 60KM/H
• 4-way flasher weight distribution under 60KM/H
• Maximum load indicator light or back up light.
• Built in Internal air pressure sensor to monitor suspension.
• Display's internal pressure reading on a computer for easy set up.
• Internal temperature sensor and heater output



The Proviso Plus™ is an electronic axle control system for lifting auxiliary axles when not needed. It monitors the axle load weight and lifts automatically when the vehicle is lightly loaded or empty. It can control the lifting and lower points. Easy computer setup can make the Proviso Plus™ easy to install.

- The Proviso Plus P200M can be used on most walking beam and spring suspensions.

- For spring ride suspensions, we offer a P200ML-E system which uses encoder sensor in place of a strain sensor.

The Proviso Plus P200M

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