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- The RM-60 is often used on 4 and 5 axle trailers which could use an RM-50. This is because of the 4-way flasher feature. This feature allows the driver to lift the forward most lift axle using the 4-way flashers in athe correct sequence. This gives the driver the ability to lift the axle is emergency situations.

The Reverse-A-Matic™ system monitor’s trailer air tank pressure and warns of insufficient pressure with a light on the trailer. The Reverse-A-Matic™ offers the following beneficial functions:

• Turns on the trailer backup lights.
• Activates backup alarm system.
• Inserts a steer axle’s locking pin to secure it for straight operation above 60km/h.
• Lifts the trailer lift axle for easier manoeuvring.
• Trailer brake air tank pressure monitor (3 blink bulb check).

• Give the driver the ability to lift one lift axle in emergency situations, under 60km/h.



The Steer Axle and the Lift Axle functions automatically remove control from the cab. The Four-way Flasher Function gives back the Lift Axle control to the driver when needed for dangerous and slippery conditions only. The Reverse Lights can illuminate the path behind the trailer and warn others of its presence.

The RM-60 meets all SPIF regulations including 5 & 6 axle trailers. Wheel Monitor products are designed to meet SAE J-1455 Specifications for heavy-duty vehicles.


The Reverse-A-Matic™ trailer direction sensing system is a stand alone device that is independent of the cab. The Reverse-A-Matic™ system automatically locks and/or lifts a selfsteer
axle. The RM-60 Lift Axle function will also lift the forward axle when the four way flashers are activated and a speed is under 60 Km/H this transfer’s weight onto the drive axles for increased traction during slippery uphill conditions. The Reverse-A-Matic™ system has an output, which will will turn on backup lights and/or beeper while reversing to add safety and


The Reverse-A-Matic RM-60